What type of Juniper Bonsais does 1800Flowers sell?

What type of Juniper Bonsais does 1800Flowers sell?
Image: What type of Juniper Bonsais does 1800Flowers sell?

1800flowers offers a variety of juniper bonsais, including Chinese Juniper, Common Juniper, Sargent Juniper and Japanese Garden Juniper. Each type of tree has different characteristics that make it unique. The Chinese Junipers offer a soft mossy look to any garden or home décor, while the Common and Sargent varieties give off a more traditional look with their natural growth pattern. Meanwhile, the Japanese Garden Junipers bring a bit of classic oriental style with their intricate branch structures. No matter which type you choose, each juniper bonsai from 1800flowers provides an elegant addition to any setting.

Introduction to 1800flowers and Juniper Bonsais

Introduction to 1800flowers and Juniper Bonsais
Image: Introduction to 1800flowers and Juniper Bonsais

1800flowers is one of the premier providers of juniper bonsais, offering a variety of beautiful and well-maintained plants. Established in 1976, the company’s mission has always been to bring quality gifts for any occasion and now they have expanded their product selection to include magnificent juniper bonsais.

Juniper bonsais are a type of evergreen tree that can be trimmed into unique shapes that add beauty and character to any room or garden. The vibrant foliage offers an elegant aesthetic while providing long-lasting durability. An ideal choice for those who desire the look and feel of natural green hues in their home, these potted wonders will not disappoint with their timeless charm and intricate designs. 1800flowers has handpicked some of the finest specimens available so customers can easily find something to fit their individual tastes or give as a special gift.

Each juniper bonsai purchased from 1800flowers also comes with detailed instructions on how to care for it properly over time, making it easy for owners new to this plant variety to get started quickly and confidently. Because all products are guaranteed fresh upon delivery, customers will be delighted by how amazing each juniper bonsai looks when it arrives at their doorstep.

Popular Varieties of Juniper Bonsais Sold by 1800flowers
Image: Popular Varieties of Juniper Bonsais Sold by 1800flowers

One of the most popular varieties of juniper bonsais sold by 1800flowers is the Chinese Juniper. This attractive species boasts glossy, dark green foliage that enhances any living area. The unique growth habit makes it ideal for both formal and informal settings. It prefers full sun and can tolerate light shade, but should be protected from windy conditions since it has a delicate branch structure. This hardy plant requires minimal care, making it a great choice for busy people or those just getting started with their bonsai journey.

The Japanese Garden Juniper is another favorite among 1800flower’s customers who are looking to add some greenery to their home or office space. Its graceful form provides an elegant aesthetic which will attract attention in any setting. It thrives best in bright sunlight and needs regular pruning to maintain its shape. Although this species requires a bit more maintenance than the Chinese Juniper, with patience and practice, anyone can get beautiful results.

For those looking for a more whimsical touch to their indoor decor, the Dwarf Needle Juniper might be an excellent option from 1800flowers selection of junipers. As its name implies, this dwarf-sized evergreen produces soft blue needles all year long. It works well in smaller spaces such as offices or bedrooms due to its size and adaptability; however it does need slightly cooler temperatures than other varieties in order to thrive properly. If taken care of correctly, this variety can provide many years of beauty without much effort on your part!

Characteristics of Shimpaku Juniper Trees Offered by 1800flowers

Characteristics of Shimpaku Juniper Trees Offered by 1800flowers
Image: Characteristics of Shimpaku Juniper Trees Offered by 1800flowers

1800flowers is known for offering customers a variety of options in terms of bonsais. One type of tree offered is the shimpaku juniper, which has become popular due to its unique characteristics and the fact that it can thrive both indoors and outdoors.

The shimpaku juniper is native to Japan, where it grows naturally at high altitudes and on rocky mountain sides. It features long branches with glossy foliage that range from green to blue-green in color, giving it an interesting appearance as compared to other types of bonsais. What sets this species apart from other junipers is that its needles will turn orange or purple during colder months before returning to their signature hue when temperatures rise again.

It’s also a low maintenance plant, requiring only occasional pruning and moderate watering every seven days once established. Its roots are sensitive enough not to outgrow most traditional container sizes while still receiving adequate nutrients needed for growth. Customers looking for a more vibrant presence in their home or garden should certainly consider adding one of 1800flowers’ shimpaku junipers into their collection.

Types of Procumbens Nana Junipers Available at 1800flowers

Types of Procumbens Nana Junipers Available at 1800flowers
Image: Types of Procumbens Nana Junipers Available at 1800flowers

1800Flowers offers a wide selection of Juniper Bonsais in all shapes, sizes, and species. One of their most popular varieties is the Juniper Procumbens Nana, or “Garden Grown” variety. This miniature shrub boasts vibrant needle-like leaves in shades ranging from blue to green, which stand out against its bark that can range from brown to grey. It is hardy and low maintenance, which makes it a great option for novice gardeners or those looking for a more hands-off bonsai experience.

The Fukujuken variety of Juniper Procumbens Nana has bright silver foliage with yellowish undersides and deep red hues throughout its unique branches. A favorite among connoisseurs due to its unusual appearance, this elegant bonsai will add beauty to any home décor setting. The Sargentii variety is also highly sought after as it features fine needles and dense small branches that provide an interesting aesthetic. These smaller Junipers can be contained within shallow pots making them ideal for limited interior space gardening projects such as windowsills or deskstops.

One of the most intriguing varieties available at 1800Flowers is the Witch’s Broomwhich consists of dwarf shoots with curled stems offering yet another look to this captivating plant variety. With so many options available you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for when shopping for your very own Procumbens Nana Juniper at 1800flowers!

Special Features of Blue Star Junipers Carried by 1800flowers

Special Features of Blue Star Junipers Carried by 1800flowers
Image: Special Features of Blue Star Junipers Carried by 1800flowers

1800Flowers offers a wide selection of blue star juniper bonsais, a type of small evergreen shrub that is typically grown in containers. A notable feature of these bonsais is their bright silver-blue foliage, which stands out from the typical green tones normally associated with junipers. They are more than just eye candy though; blue star junipers are extremely resilient plants that don’t require frequent trimming or much in the way of maintenance for healthy growth. In addition to being relatively easy to care for and quite aesthetically pleasing, blue star junipers can also grow quite quickly compared to some other types of container-grown trees and shrubs.

Blue star junipers offered by 1800Flowers come with decorative stone figurines planted around them, adding an extra level of elegance while providing further insulation against fluctuations in temperature during transport. The figurines themselves have been carefully chosen to reflect different culture’s icons and symbols, connecting you with our global family as your tree grows. Many customers enjoy growing this type of bonsai tree because it is so versatile; its size makes it suitable for indoor use or outdoors on your patio or terrace too.

Maintenance Tips for the Different Types of Juniper Bonsais from 1800flowers

Maintenance Tips for the Different Types of Juniper Bonsais from 1800flowers
Image: Maintenance Tips for the Different Types of Juniper Bonsais from 1800flowers

When shopping for a juniper bonsai from 1800flowers, there are three different varieties that may be purchased. The stricta, procumbens and chinensis Juniper all require slightly different maintenance to ensure optimal health of the plant.

The Stricta variety requires weekly watering with lukewarm water, as well as a fertilizer rich in nitrogen every four to six weeks during the spring and summer months. They should also be kept away from direct sunlight during midday hours. For the Procumbens type of juniper bonsai, they need less water than the Stricta variety but benefit from more humidity. It is recommended that an ultrasonic mist maker be used to increase moisture around the root system while avoiding it on the foliage itself which can cause burns on its delicate leaves. This type needs less pruning but can do better with fertilizing once a month with a phosphorus-rich formula during late winter or early spring season only; such fertilizers can help invigorate healthy new growth in this particular species’ branches and leaves. Chinensis Junipers are best suited for environments with temperatures above ten degrees Celsius year round and should receive even more frequent misting than its two counterparts listed here due to their preference for higher levels of humidity both indoors and outdoors when available. In terms of trimming these plants will thrive if small clippings are made into older areas that tend to gather dust over time such as branch nodes or where new needles will grow more full quickly. Fertilizing these plants two times yearly is essential for keeping them lush green foliage throughout its growing season indoors or outdoors so try combining slow release pellets mixed with organic matter found in composts or mulch usually available at most garden centers near you near peak growing season like late March/early April is what’s best suggested by horticultural experts.

Every plant has different needs however many basic rules apply to all varieties: always use sterilized clippers when pruning your bonsais; remove any debris or brown patches when spotted immediately; check soil acidity regularly; avoid repotting your juniper too often as it disrupts growth cycles; wash off any pests using gentle soap solutions instead of aggressive chemical sprays; utilize natural elements like cow manure-based products when needed (not chicken poop.) To fortify soil conditions and lastly enjoy watching these beautiful miniature trees thrive!

Pricing and Availability of Various Juniper Bonsais on 1800flowers Website

Pricing and Availability of Various Juniper Bonsais on 1800flowers Website
Image: Pricing and Availability of Various Juniper Bonsais on 1800flowers Website

When it comes to selecting the perfect juniper bonsai for a gift or home decor, 1800Flowers provides a wide variety of options. Shoppers are able to choose from several different sizes and styles, many of which start at very reasonable prices. In addition to the small tabletop bonsais that start at around twenty dollars, larger floor models can range up to one-hundred dollars depending on the species of juniper being used.

1800flowers’ selection of bonsais varies by season and geographical region; availability also depends on what is currently in stock. Regardless, shoppers will always find an impressive selection of plants ranging from small 8 inch jade trees all the way up to gorgeous 4 foot Japanese Black Pine specimens. Every plant is carefully examined prior to shipping and will arrive with detailed care instructions so that customers have no problem getting their plants settled in quickly.

Perhaps the best part about buying online from 1800Flowers is that if you ever need help deciding between two or more varieties, their customer service team can assist you in making an informed decision – something you won’t necessarily get when purchasing directly from a garden center or nursery.






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